Facts & Figures

What is 1790?

The year the US Coast Guard was established.

What is 8?

The number of US uniformed services, of which the US Coast Guard is one.

What is the Polar Star?

The Polar Star is one of America's two icebreakers. The Coast Guard Cutter HEALY (WAGB - 20) is the second and America's most advanced polar icebreaker.

Is USCG part of the Military?

Yes, the US Coast Guard is a branch of the US military and carries also a federal law enforcement role.

What is 100,000?

The approximate total number of people involved in operating the USCG on a daily basis. This includes full-time active-duty service members, part-time reservists, civilians, and auxiliary Coast Guard volunteers.

What distinctive design was introduced in 1967?

The iconic USCG red racing stripe!

"Coast Guard Museum Northwest is the official USCG museum in the Western US."